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#11 Jan. 6,2019

I know where there is a Christmas tree that has a star that looks like a train with toys in it going all around the tree and with the colors on, the tree and this skirt you what a look it has. I thought if it had been plane it would have looked better, but in the long run I can’t rely say much one of every ones thoughts, are not the same so go for it kid…

Well as for Xmas I all ways do fixing of house around the 9th of Dec. that was the way we did it, in my home on the other hand my friend Nanette they all was did it the night be for Christmas day, go to Church then come home and do the tree what a mess that would have been I can remember working all night when I worked what a mess…

Hi #10 Have you seen any good books that rely talk to you.

           About things to make with yearn or have any of you seen some of the colors that are being used to gather in any thing that one sees people have in there clothes and some of thow’s in patterns out in the books and on TV,. I saw a pear of pants that had ten colors in one lag and one on the other must have used up old cloth this way it would have looked nicer in a quilt for a log cabin or a butterfly quilt I have seen  some very nice one’s of them done out of patchwork cloth it is a Devil of a Job, but can come _OUT O SO NICE in the end.

           I also in looking up things for this set of blogs I have come up with a lot of other things that can go a long with all of this in the long run.  


blog #9 on new set up for books and crafts blog

Now for my December report on this books and crafts.

#9 what do we think of for food , we can make weard things in the Kitchen like looking in to all the miles a little keew has been in a track or airplane, and the friends it could have mead along the way or how meny states it was in, in its little life was it washed or were the hands that held it clean did one use soap and water at any time in all that time in it’s little life.

books and crafts

Did you get time to see all the animals this summer I had deer at my house just be for Deer season started three boys and later two girls came to see me also they were looking good all of them so good for years past they have looked all done in by now and that does not seem to be the way this year I know that my Daddy would be so glade to know that we have them here to look at, I only wish he could see them now all looked so good.

Have any of you known who it is that putting  stuff  on the web,.. that is so un nice to people of all tips. 

Do have good fall and I hope you all had a Thanksgiving   Day and that you could be with family.

well I have had a go’ go two weeks I want to the farm for the meat from my C.S.A. the meat is so good just like it was here many years a go when we had are cows and did it are self what a defense, from meat at the store in the smell and the taste as well so nice to have that again. When you cook it you will see a big change in the look of it also, just so good…

DAY SEPT.22,2018

books and crafts plus.

And this is the plus,, Well here go’s with all this each time I have a way set up in my mind you change it so I do not know where all are in here.

Well it is sept.. and I have done part of my fall planting will be doing a little more then in the past do hop to try some thing new this year of putting in some potato this fall have never done it be for I did plant some this past spring and did have some not all that big but very useable just the same I need to do some of this more looking for work on here I need a job so bad with the cost of living and needing that is just so not me I want to work but have to be so carful of what I try to do. Well that’s about it and I had better stop talking about me, I had some not so good news about a very nice friend that I have had all my life and I was told she is in C.G.H. in Townshend and do hop all will be ok…

Well I am back for now.

Hi, All it is Sept. 1,2018,  and I am still looking for work and have had to go get   help my Father must be turning over by now in his grave, now with all this my S.S. is just not what they used to be.   I am telling all my  younger friends do not retire at all.  It does not pay to do so…

I was wondering if any one has seen any of the new movies that have been maid from the books that we all had when we were kids I did not there was one on tv and I did not think they followed the story, and I could not really tell you which one it was after looking at, all the movies seem to be all the same.  Never the hole thing in one sitting have to look at it in two or three weeks of time one can lose all the meaning so forth.   Dos any one have ((anything to add, maybe this Winter we can get in to this a little I have one friend on here that does a real good job of it so lets all add a little something and have a go a round on it, for fun….      ****

Soon,  it will be time to be doing are crafts , when all the outside things are set for that daron time we cannot get to are gardens and so forth, so what do you say to that would like to here from all, most stop now.

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Hi all well it looks like we are at the end of an other summer now** Now in to the fall and with the summer in the books as they say the summer church is over so now we are going to try and find a Pastor and be in to the Holy Book ( Bible) try to get some thing going for year round in the little white church in South Newfane but will have to push some people all the time I do not like that part of it at all.. So help us to get some thing going HELP ALL we can us all we can get of the love, thanks, yours all ways                       ..((( I am all was at or at g hop for the ride all ))))




Hi all I am looking for the person by the name of she use to be here a lot of the time here name is Nannette has any one see here this summer time any ways I did have a lot nice talks in the winter what do you think of it, it is 100 outside my window?? did anyone go to see the fire works last night I for one stayed right here to much going on out there?? Have not seen any one new at church this summer in South Newfane, what is up with people this days no one goes to church any more!!!!!