Well I am back for now.

Hi, All it is Sept. 1,2018,  and I am still looking for work and have had to go get   help my Father must be turning over by now in his grave, now with all this my S.S. is just not what they used to be.   I am telling all my  younger friends do not retire at all.  It does not pay to do so…

I was wondering if any one has seen any of the new movies that have been maid from the books that we all had when we were kids I did not there was one on tv and I did not think they followed the story, and I could not really tell you which one it was after looking at, all the movies seem to be all the same.  Never the hole thing in one sitting have to look at it in two or three weeks of time one can lose all the meaning so forth.   Dos any one have ((anything to add, maybe this Winter we can get in to this a little I have one friend on here that does a real good job of it so lets all add a little something and have a go a round on it, for fun….      ****

Soon,  it will be time to be doing are crafts , when all the outside things are set for that daron time we cannot get to are gardens and so forth, so what do you say to that would like to here from all, most stop now.

I am at: amaytwoforme@gmail.org




Hi all well it looks like we are at the end of an other summer now** Now in to the fall and with the summer in the books as they say the summer church is over so now we are going to try and find a Pastor and be in to the Holy Book ( Bible) try to get some thing going for year round in the little white church in South Newfane but will have to push some people all the time I do not like that part of it at all.. So help us to get some thing going HELP ALL we can us all we can get of the love, thanks, yours all ways                       ..((( I am all was at amaytwoforme.com or at g mail.com hop for the ride all ))))




Hi all I am looking for the person by the name of she use to be here a lot of the time here name is Nannette has any one see here this summer time any ways I did have a lot nice talks in the winter what do you think of it, it is 100 outside my window?? did anyone go to see the fire works last night I for one stayed right here to much going on out there?? Have not seen any one new at church this summer in South Newfane, what is up with people this days no one goes to church any more!!!!!

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Well it is Thursday again, all most the weekend and off we go to all are spell places for that  time.  I do hope you can have a good one, and what are we all up to this time. I for one will not know until  the days get here have any of you been to any good quilt or paper craft shows this spring.  I did not get to any, but they say if you go to the one in what VT. calls North East Vt.. you can see,  this fall when, I was very young, I want with my aunt and we both liked it I miss not going to things like that,  with here , but do not have here any more…  but can not help but think of here when it is about time for this things to go on.

Well what do you think of this mess in D.C. all the name calling and the BAD names that they are using, not good for are KIDS to here all the time, coming out of the people are kids should be able to look up too…

Who wants if you go to the international food, Festival I here there is one in Burlington, Vt. this weekend.  Tell me all a bout it if you go? Hay have fun there.

Dose any one have the spring flowers all out yet  I am just string with my yellow one’s looking for more to come out. but so cold for them, all thew the soil is just right for some of the plants to feed on right now, I have garlic up that is it was when the snow want but the DEER came and now it will have to start all over and what a mess they maid of it I had to put some of it back in the ground I only have a very little row any ways Well I had better get off this thing for to night, night all.



look out

Hi all this is books and crafts,, I want all to look out if you go to my face book page and it says (( twisted threads)) DONT OPEN)) it is not my page do not no who it is I have all so put a letter on here about it look at it and you will see more to tell you what to look for on it!!!!!#@*@?

I was having a good day on till this came up now am looking for the person who did it and asking them to get there own page on facebook and staying off my page thank you just the same…!! what do think of people that try to take over other peoples pages and all this after all the work we go thru to get are pages up and going o no I had better stop now I am so up seat over all this.  I now see whey my friend stopped  here on here, so look out there it is the wild west as the old timers use to say all the time, and now it has hit here have a nice week all…..


HI  every one now look at the wonderful flowers I do hope that this will stay with me this time to day is April 8,2018, am trying to get some thing going for all of use to see and may be to do this summer if we ever get the summer going then as I have said on here many times let me out as my little friend all ways is saying open that door so I can go out and see all the flowers for that is the tip of book I read you see I only have for little pows and if you do not live that book open I can not read it as I am only a cat but if it was a book we cats had maid I would be able to read it to, my two legged friend that comes to see me for my mom then I would read it to here.

Hi this is some of the sillie things I think of when I am working on quilt tops as that is what I make for are church group then we put them to gather as a group of ladies at the church and have some fun at the sam time for a lot of use do the tops at home for this .    I am finely  up to day for this past winter of tops and will go back to it this fall some of the ladies will work on them all summer  all so, well that’s about it for today seea soon.


well here I am back it is the end of March and not one new thing is going on here still can not find work that I can do and need some in come plus what I get from SS as we all know that is not much.

Have any of you seen any thing that looks like spring out side I do not,  that I have  a robin out there it must be very cold, but I have not seen much other then that out back was able to go in my back yard the other day for the first time, this winter bear grown some places and others about 3feet of it right next to that.

I was in Townshend to day, and there is a lot of snow left today and a lot of mud also  in the drive ways as I was in the down town part for teeth cleaning so did not get in to it..

Well let me know how your winter and spring are going have you picked any flowers as of yet I did bring in a branch of lilac branches that had to be taken off the lives are coming out in the living room….

your friend at books and crafts stop by here some time and say HI to me…

books and crafts

Hi All ,

I hope that you are all having a good day, beged off on church   to-day it was storming at the time so I found a good chair and that was it for an hour.

Some new thoughts for 2018   What do you think about marawoner thing,  and the Border wall that HE is all ways talking a about,

I for one have just had it with all that talk???????

Does any one out there think sun or soler pow is better for the world then all the stuff coming out of the ground any ways.  I all ways think of what will fill all the holds that are left in the ground now?   To me it seems as thouw there should be a stop to taking things from mother earth any way ????

Do people have the right to do this in the first place to god’s green earth ????

hope to here from all some time……